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FORTÍÐ “Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages”

FORTÍÐ “Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages” is called the last and recent part of the Völuspá Trilogy. Head of the Band Eldur (also among others Curse, Pontentiam) has already after the foundation of the band FORTÍÐ a priori planned to set to music one of the most important Ásatrú literatures, the Völuspá, as a Trilogy. FORTÍÐ represent with “Fall of the Ages” seven epic Pagan-Metal-hymns. Own lyrics as well as lyrics from the Völuspá Saga were combined. The moods vary between ice-cold melody parts out of Black-Metal until hymnal Pagan-Metal Parts. With samples added an awesome nordic masterpiece was created which could not be better and more convincing transformed by an Icelander. Release-date: 26.03.2010



Firefest UK Press Release / “For our 2010 show we’ve decided to go for two full days, with a slightly later start time and just seven quality bands per day. We think we’ve put together a bill that should please many devotees of melodic hard rock and have arranged several special sets to celebrate well-loved albums and anniversaries. Several acts will be making their first appearances on UK soil whilst others have been much missed and will be returning after many years away. Here are the details…”

Venue and dates – Firefest will take place on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October 2010 at our regular venue of Rock City in Nottingham.


Saturday October 30 (Top to bottom)

Lynch Mob
It’s been twenty years since ex-Dokken guitar virtuoso George Lynch last graced a UK stage. During that time he’s explored new directions and in 2009 came full circle when he re-united with original Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan to deliver the excellent ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ album. The band have had great reviews since they hit the road last year so expect an explosive set taken mostly from their latest opus and their classic ‘Wicked Sensation’ debut.
The UK melodic rockers led by Darren Wharton last graced a Firefest back in 2005 at our inaugural show and have yet to play a UK date since original guitarist Vinny Burns rejoined two years ago. Twenty-one years have passed since their classic ‘Out Of The Silence’ debut was released so it’s a great honour for us to have the band base their set around that popular record.
The enduring German hard rockers have been around in one guise or another since the late 70’s but really started to make waves on both sides of the Atlantic with their classic 1987 album ‘Fireworks’. With a very special set to celebrate the album that gave Firefest’s sister magazine it’s name, Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller and co. will play the ‘Fireworks’ record in its entirety.
Continuing Firefest’s proud record of providing the unexpected, the US rock band led by Sandi Saraya and Tony ‘Bruno’ Rey are back after an eighteen year hiatus. Keyboard player Gregg Munier tragically passed away in 2006 but all other original members will be present to play a set based around their melodic debut album, with a smattering of their harder edged ‘When The Blackbird Sings’ album for good measure.
Bangalore Choir
Another cult US hard rock band will grace our stage in the shape of Bangalore Choir. Their 1992 debut album ‘On Target’ is well-respected for its sublime mixture of melody and crunch, and led by ex-Accept singer David Reece and guitarist Curtis Mitchell the band will play the whole record. It’ll be their first ever show in the UK and we’re sure they’ll be made very welcome.
Beggars & Thieves
Two years ago singer Louie Merlino and guitarist Ron Mancuso played a short acoustic set at the Friday night meet & greet for Firefest V, so we’re delighted to welcome them back with a full band. They’re currently in the studio recording a new album so will have some new songs to play alongside the highlights from their first three records.
Grand Illusion
After a break of four and a half years Sweden’s Grand Illusion have decided to give it another go. The original trio of Anders Rydholm, Peter Sundell and Per Svensson are currently recording a new album with some pretty high profile guests and with three strong releases already under their belts they have a wealth of upbeat melodic rock songs to get the party off to a good start.

Sunday October 31 (Top to bottom)

Twins Matthew and Gunnar Nelson caused a stir in 1990 when their first single ‘(Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection’ reached the top of the US charts. They would go on to create several high quality albums throughout the 90’s and are applying the finishing touches to a new release called ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ as we speak. Despite their rich heritage this will be their first ever UK show and a great coup for the Firefest team.
Jimi Jamison
There are few voices in melodic rock as distinctive as former Survivor, Cobra and Target frontman Jimi Jamison’s. The consummate performer will at last grace a UK stage with a top class band that includes the amazing Tommy Denander on guitar, so expect a great mix of songs from his solo career (including a chunk of his recent well-received ‘Crossroads Moment’ album) and a few Survivor classics.
Pretty Maids
No-one was more disappointed than we were when Denmark’s finest had their travel plans cancelled by the airline in the run-up to Firefest V. Thankfully their schedule for 2010 has presented the opportunity to book them again for a long overdue return to the UK. Ronnie Atkins, Ken Hammer and Kenn Jackson, along with a new drummer and keyboard player, have a quality back catalogue and we guarantee they’ll rock your socks off!
Getting cult UK melodic rock band Strangeways to play at Firefest has been a labour of love for festival organiser Kieran Dargan, so it’s with great pleasure that we can announce that he’s finally gone and done it. The bands ‘Native Sons’ and ‘Walk In The Fire’ discs are rightfully regarded as genre classics, and with a new album already started, the favoured line-up of Ian & Dave Stewart, Jim Drummond, David (Munch) Moore and the great Terry Brock are back and ready to rock.
Stage Dolls
Norwegian trio Stage Dolls have proven over the years to be one of the most consistent bands around, frequently re-inventing themselves with new sounds and ideas. They’ve delivered great albums in each of the three decades since they formed and will, no doubt, be one of the hits of the festival. With a new album called ‘Always’ to promote, this is yet another overdue return to these shores.
It’s criminal that after over a decade of consistently good melodic rock records the UK’s own Newman is still one of our best kept secrets. Their eighth album ‘The Art Of Balance’ continues their rich vein of form with yet another collection of catchy, hard hitting songs and stellar production, and with a great band behind him Steve Newman certainly deserves a place on the main stage.
Grand Design
Swedish five-piece Grand Design came from out of nowhere last year to deliver one of the surprise releases of the year, a traditional hard rock album with multi-layered harmonies and intricate Def Leppard-influenced arrangements. All they need now is live shows to take them to the next level so we’re thrilled that they’ve chosen Firefest to start their UK assault.

Tickets & Prices
The ticket prices are as follows:
Saturday – £48.50
Sunday – £48.50
Postage at £1 extra per order
Day of Show £55

Early Bird Special – We will sell the first 250 weekend tickets (Saturday and Sunday) for £85, a saving £12. If you’re bringing a partner get in early and save £24! These tickets cannot be reserved, they will be available strictly on a first come first served basis. As soon as these Early Bird tickets are sold ticket prices will revert to the standard price of £48.50 per day or £97 for both days.
Payment – via PayPal to: fireworks.mag@ntlworld.com or by Cheque/Postal Order/Bank Draft payable to Bruce Mee and sent to: C/O Fireworks Office, 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD England.
Tickets will be mailed out within 21 days of order. A full list of other tickets agents will be made available shortly.

Other details
We’d like to welcome Blackstar Amplification and AOR Heaven as new sponsors, with thanks for their contributions. Firefest 2010 is an age 14 and over show.
A press and guest list accreditation system will be implemented soon at our website – www.thefirefest.com – could anyone wishing to apply please refrain from contacting any member of the Firefest team about accreditation at this time. Instructions will be given in a future update.

Check www.thefirefest.com regularly for updates, as well as the official MySpace, Facebook and twitter pages and www.rocktopia.co.uk. The website will also contain hotel details and directions for those travelling into Nottingham.
All that’s left to say is thank you for your continued support and we hope the line-up and ticket prices are to your liking. See you all in October – the Firefest team.


Jeff Beck on His Legendary Unreleased 1970 Motown Album

In Rolling Stone’s new issue, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton sit down for the first time to discuss old rivalries, blues heroes and the secrets of their craft. Here’s more from David Fricke’s conversation with Beck: the guitarist on the legendary, unreleased album he cut at Detroit’s Motown studios in 1970.

Check out all of Rolling Stone’s guitar coverage and join the debate: who’s the best of all time?

Why did you go to Motown to record? And what exactly did you do?
My producer, Mickie Most, said, “We have to make an album.” I talked Mickie into going to Motown, the Hitsville house. It was one of the last sessions there. I was so privileged. We were more like tourists, kids in a candy shop. I took Cozy [British drummer Cozy Powell]. I said, “I gotta go to Motown, and you’re coming as well.” What the hell was I doing taking a rock drummer, with two huge Ludwig bass drums, into Motown?

They hated us right away. They didn’t want to know. But we loved it there, and they sensed it after a few hours. the first day. When Cozy sat behind the Motown drum kit and started playing like the Meters, they all went, “Oh!” and came flooding back to the studio. It was James Jamerson on bass that day — no rhythm guitar — and Earl Van Dyke on keyboards. That was it, a stripped-down thing. They kept saying, “Where are the dots?” [Meaning sheet music] I said, “There ain’t no dots.”

When Cozy started playing, it was great. James was locking up with Cozy’s drum pattern. Then I looked around — Cozy was wheeling the drum kit out of the studio. They’re going berserk. He has moved the sacred Motown drum kit out of the studio and wheeled this stupid double kit of Ludwigs in. The studio tech came up to me and said, “Didn’t you guys come in here for the Motown sound?” Yeah. “Well, it just went out the door.” [Laughs]

How much did you ultimately record at Motown?
We ended up with nine or 10 tracks — finished, not mixed. We ran out of time. There was one backing track for a song that was written by one of the chief writers, maybe Holland-Dozier-Holland. They were flogging songs at us. Every time you turned around, it was “Hey, Jeff, we got a song.” It was like a factory. We went downtown and met Berry Gordy in his inner sanctum. We had to go through three sets of locked doors. He said, “Welcome to Motown. I’ve got great faith in you. I know what you do. Maybe the session guys don’t know, but i know. You’ve got a great idea here.”

Things started to loosen up a bit as Cozy played. I wish we had [Motown drummer] Benny Benjamin. I was trying to forge my style with a bit of Meters and flat-out rock. That would have worked, if we had done some ground work.

You were doing Motown covers in early BBC Radio sessions with the Jeff Beck Group, songs like the Temptations’ “(I Know) I’m Losing You.”
I wanted to make a band that understood the Motown feel, then give it more oomph. So you’ve got a Motown-record feel that was also edgy and almost bordering on metal. That’s what I was after on the [1968] Truth album — a Motown bass line and backbeat and huge Zeppelin-type drums.

But at Motown, we got further and further away from the rock part, because they didn’t understand that. They’d heard the Meters. But they were hardly allowed out of that bloody studio. They probably got so sick of production-line playing they never listened to the radio. They just went down the snooker hall and got pissed. Some of them didn’t even go down. Bongo Eddie had a fifth of gin on him all the time, wrapped in a brown paper bag. And they all had their brown Cadillacs outside and golf clubs in the back.

You have never released any of those tracks.
I’ve still got the multi-track [tape], although I bet if you put that on the machine now, it will collapse into pieces. I made one copy onto cassette. That’s all there is. Talk about collector’s item, pal — if anybody got as hold of that.

But I discovered what the real secret of Motown was. They were fantastic world-class players — best delivery, best drum sound. But if you take that Motown reverb away, you got nothing. It’s very nice, but it ain’t Motown. The whole thing was tuned to the vibe of that reverb.

The same guy who said that thing about the drums? When we walked out of the studio on the last day with the master, he said, “You’re not going to mix here? You just shot yourself twice.” I knew. But we’d had enough.


CATHEDRAL – “The Guessing Game” Release Dates

via http://www.myspace.com/cathedral

Lee Dorrian – Vocals
Garry Jennings – Guitar
Leo Smee – Bass Guitar
Brian Dixon – Drums

Veteran British doom/stoner band CATHEDRAL will release its ninth full-length album and second for the Nuclear Blast label, The Guessing Game, on March 26, 2010 (Europe) and April 20, 2010 (North America).

The album was recorded at the Chapel Studios (THE DARKNESS, NAPALM DEATH, URIAH HEEP, WET WET WET, SIMPLE MINDS) in Lincolnshire, U.K. and was once again produced by Warren Riker (DOWN, CROWBAR). It also sports stunning new artwork from band collaborator Dave Patchett.

The Guessing Game will be released as a 2-Disc set.

DISC  1:
01. Immaculate Misconception (02:24)
02. Funeral Of Dreams (08:28)
03. Painting In The Dark (06:18)
04. Death Of An Anarchist (07:12)
05. The Guessing Game (03:08)
06. Edwige’s Eyes (07:08)
07. Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine (06:01)

DISC  2:
01. One Dimensional People (02:30)
02. The Casket Chasers (06:41)
03. La Noche del Buque Maldito (aka. Ghost Ship of The Blind Dead) (05:46)
04. The Running Man (08:46)
05. Requiem for the Voiceless (09:50)
06. Journey Into Jade (10:36)

CATHEDRAL‘s most recent album, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, was released in Europe in October 2005 and in North America in January 2006. Produced by Riker, the follow-up to 2002’s The VIIth Coming was said to be the band’s “most varied effort so far.”

Using every stylistic device — from female vocals up to violins — and embedding it all in that typical CATHEDRAL brand of doom, The Garden of Unearthly Delights was described as “a treat for every fan of the band, old and new alike.”


KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI – New Artwork Revealed

The new Kivimetsän Duidi cover artwork has been revealed. Check it bellow as well as the track listing right after. The album is due to release on March 269th via CENTURY MEDIA.


01. Lament For The Fallen
02. Aesis Lilim
03. Seawitch And The Sorcerer
04. The Visitor
05. Manalan Vartija
06. Tuoppein’nostelulaulu
07. Chant Of The Winged One
08. Of Betrayal
09. Desolation: White Wolf

Bonus tracks (special edition):

10. Veljet
11. Where Hope And Daylight Die


CYNIC – Re-Traced EP Due In May and video teaser online

Cynic - Traced in Air Album

On May 17th in Europe and the 18th in North America, cult progressive metallers CYNIC will release a brand new EP entitled “Re-Traced“, including reinterpretations of four songs from the critically acclaimed “Traced in Air” album, as well as a previously unreleased song.

“Re-traced is an experiment for us – an opportunity to turn four songs from Traced in Air inside out and to share something new”, comments frontman Paul Masvidal. “In our exploration, we’ve created music that is part ‘sci-fi prog folk’, part psychedelic rock, part minimalist restraint. These interpretations feel channeled from another galaxy. For the most part the tunes reference some of our favourite musical forms and in our own curious way (electronic/ambient, jazz/fusion, drum n’ bass, experimental, shoegaze). There is no vocoder, no traditionally busy Cynic riffs that are some of our most signatures sounds, but the music retains its song structure, integral melodic sense, harmony and lyrical inspiration.”

About the new song: “It is entitled ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ and it is the most rock / metal tune on the EP. Mood-wise it has a melodic optimism that is a bit more transparent than in other Cynic songs, giving it a unique and emotive color. We are really pleased with the performances and energy of this track. Considering this song is perhaps the closest reference to a familiar Cynic sound, it still leaves behind many of the former trademarks and introduces a new shade of groove and dynamic. Progressive music has many faces, and that is always the name of the game for v: re-inventing ourselves and pushing our own musical boundaries for ourselves and our fans”.

Watch the teaser:



Saturday, March 6
Mexico City
Circo Volador (EyeScream Metal Fest II )

Saturday, May 8
Hasle-Ruegsau, Bern
MZH Preisegg (Break The Silence Festival)


EXODUS – “Exhibit B: The Human Condition” artwork revealed

Check out the new EXODUS artworks for “Exhibit B: The Human Condition”;

Gary Holt comments on the new album cover:

“We wanted to portray the violence of man at its finest, so we started with our own version of the Leonardo da Vinci sketch [of ‘Vitruvian Man’], but done the ‘EXODUS‘ way! I was pointed in the direction of Colin Larks of Rainsong Design for the cover and he killed it! To me, the artwork represents man and his affinity for bloodshed, ignorance, and all-around ability to be led like sheep to the slaughter. The image fits the songs on this record perfectly. The whole layout is going to as sick as the record itself!”

“Exhibit B: The Human Condition” was produced by acclaimed British Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, ARCH ENEMY, KREATOR) and it will be released this spring via Nuclear Blast Records.

It was previously announced by Nuclear Blast’s European office that the release date for the album in Europe would be May 12. Changes may occur.


IMMOLATION – New album complete streaming online

“Majesty And Decay” is entirely available for streaming at MetalKult website. Due on March 9 in North America (one day earlier internationally) via Nuclear Blast Records, the CD was recorded Millbrook Sound Studios in New York with longtime producer Paul Orofino. Mixing duties were handled by Zack Ohren, who has previously worked with DECREPIT BIRTH, SUFFOCATION and ALL SHALL PERISH, among others.

IMMOLATION’s new album contains “10 songs [plus two intros] of the strongest material we have ever written,” the band said in a statement. “The new material is more violent and aggressive, with fast sections that take us to a new level of speed and intensity, while complementing the dark and sullen heavier moments. There are plenty of miserable and militant movements to please the diehard and new IMMOLATION fans alike.”



“Majesty And Decay” track listing:

01. Intro
02. The Purge
03. A Token Of Malice
04. Majesty And Decay
05. Divine Code
06. In Human Form
07. A Glorious Epoch
08. Intro
09. A Thunderous Consequence
10. The Rapture of Ghosts
11. Power And Shame
12. The Comfort of Cowards

The upcoming album will be the third consecutive release featuring IMMOLATION‘s current lineup:

Ross Dolan – Bass, Vocals
Robert Vigna – Guitars
Bill Taylor – Guitars
Steve Shalaty – Drum

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LAZARUS A.D. – “Absolute Power” New Video




Here are the tour dates for you guys to keep up!

Tour w/ Kreator, Voivod, Nachtmystium, Evile

03/03 West Springfield, VA Jaxx
03/04 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
03/05 Worcester, MA The Palladium
03/06 New York, NY Nokia Theater
03/07 Montreal, QC Club Soda
03/08 Quebec City, QC Imperial
03/09 Toronto, ON Opera House
03/10 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
03/11 Detroit, MI Blondie’s
03/12 Chicago, IL The Bottom Lounge
03/13 Milwaukee, WI Rave no Voivod
03/14 St Paul, MN Block Station 4
Tour w/ Kreator, Kataklysm, Evile, Lightning Swords of Death
03/16 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater no Kataklysm
03/18 Seattle, WA Corazon
03/19 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theater
03/20 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
03/21 San Francisco, CA Slim’s
03/23 West Hollywood, CA House of Blues
03/24 San Diego, CA House of Blues
03/25 Tucson, AZ The Rock
03/27 Austin, TX Emo’s
03/28 Houston, TX Meridian
03/30 Orlando, FL The Club at Firestone
03/31 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade


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