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Video Weekly Buzz – 2011-01-31

Apocalyptica – Not Strong Enough (New Video 2011)

Within Temptation – Faster (New Video 2011)

Within the Ruins – Red Flagged Live (New Video 2011)

The Word Alive – 2012 (New Video 2011)

Primal Age – A Fire Consumes My Heart (New Video 2011)

The Crown – Doomsday King (New Video 2011)


DEVILDRIVER – New Beast Track Streaming Online – 2011-01-29

Check out DEVILDRIVER’s new song ,’Coldblooded‘ at the player below. The bands new album “Beast” is due out on February 22nd.


TURISAS – New EPK released ‘Stand Up And Fight’ – 2011-01-29

TURISAS have released an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for “Stand Up And Fight”, the bands forthcoming third album. Check below for two videos The CD will be released via Century Media Records on the following dates:

Finland, Japan: February 23, 2011
Germany, Austria, Switzerland: February 25, 2011
Rest Of Europe: February 28, 2011
Australia, New Zealand: March 4, 2011
North America: March 8, 2011

Mathias Nygård explains:

‘Stand Up And Fight’ is a loose continuation of the story from ‘The Varangian Way’, and picks up where the previous one left us, in Constantinople. However, it is not a sequel as such. In general, the songs are much more universal and deal with topics that can be placed just as tightly into the modern world as in the 11th century Byzantine Empire. ‘Stand Up And Fight’ has much more to offer the contemporary listener.”

TURISAS has always been about progression and evolution, and now with a new album we’re not here to repeat ourselves but to have something new to come with — also visually.
“Our look has developed through the years, and it’s never been something we created once to be static forever.
“Innovation is reinventing yourself regularly.
“We toured ‘The Varangian Way’ for three and a half years with a look that was tied to the album. With a new release, it was time for a makeover.
“The visual side has always played a very strong role in TURISAS, and fear not — that’s not going to change. Stronger than ever, TURISAS has returned!”

“On ‘Stand Up And Fight’ the storytelling and flavour of musical drama is more strongly present than ever,” agrees Nygård. “The album also introduces some new flavors like ’80s stadium rock. For the first time,‘Stand Up And Fight’ features real string and horn sections played by some of the best Finnish classical musicians, hand-picked from leading symphony orchestras at home and abroad. I’m sure TURISAS fans will be surprised, but in a positive way!”


I AM ABOMINATION – ‘Since 1776’ New video is up! – 2011-01-28

“Since 1776” is the new video from I AM ABOMINATION. Check it below!  The song comes off  “To Our Forefathers” which was released on May 11, 2010 via Good Fight Music. The CD was produced by Joey Sturgis, who helmedTHE DEVIL WEARS PRADA‘s most recent CD.


NIGHTMARE – ‘One Night Of Insurrection’ DVD/CD details – 2011-01-27

French power metallers NIGHTMARE have released a trailer for “One Night Of Insurrection” which is their first live DVD/CD. Check it below.

Due on February 25 via AFM Records also check a live footage for the song “Eternal Winter”. The set was filmed/recorded in Grenoble, France and contains NIGHTMARE’s special 30th-anniversary show, including guest appearances by the band’s former members. Also included us footage of NIGHTMARE’s performance at Summerblast in Israel.

DVD track listing:

01. Intro
02. Eternal Winter
03. White Wicked Demon
04. Heretic
05. Legions Of The Rising Sun
06. Secret Rules
07. Queen Of Love And Pain
08. Three Miles Island
09. Hallucinations
10. The Wind Of Sin
11. Target For Revenge
12. The Gospel Of Judas
13. Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
14. The Watchtower
15. Power Of The Universe
16. Lord Of The Sky
17. Trust A Crowd


* Summer Blast in Tel-Aviv, Israel

CD track listing:

01. Intro
02. Eternal Winter
03. White Wicked Demon
04. Heretic
05. Legions Of The Rising Sun
06. Secret Rules
07. Queen Of Love And Pain
08. Three Miles Island
09. Cosmovision
10. The Wind Of Sin
11. Target For Revenge
12. The Gospel Of Judas
13. The Watchtower


Jo Amore – Vocals
Franck Milleliri – Guitar
JC Jess – Guitar
Yves Campion – Bass
David Amore – Drums


BONAFIDE – ‘No Doubt About It’ New video is up! – 2011-01-27

Swedish hard rockers BONAFIDE have just launched the video for “No Doubt About It”. Check it below. The song comes off the band’s new EP, “Fill Your Head With Rock – Old, New, Tried & True”, which will be released on January 28th (tomorrow) via Black Lodge/Sound Pollution.

“Fill Your Head With Rock – Old, New, Tried & True” EP track list:

01. Fill Your Head With Rock (radio edit)
02. No Doubt About It
03. Kick Me Out (previously unreleased)
04. I Don’t Need No Doctor (HUMBLE PIE cover)
05. I Can’t Explain (THE WHO cover)
06. Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll (ROSE TATTOO cover)
07. Hard Livin’ Man (video)
08. No Doubt About It (video)

The band stated:

“[We] decided to go for a EP instead of the ordinary radio single format this time around. The reasons were many, but first and foremost it shows a band vitalized by the addition of drummer Niklas Matsson (RAGING SLAB, BACKDRAFT), and what better way to introduce a new member than to buy some studio time and record a couple of favorite tracks live in the studio!

“‘Fill Your Head With Rock’ and ‘No Doubt About It’ are both taken from [BONAFIDE’s] second album, ‘Something’s Dripping’. We gave the opener, ‘Fill Your Head…’, a little ‘haircut,’ making it more representable for radio. This is a true anthem, and a song that has grown into a live favorite. ‘No Doubt About It’ was picked to be included in the new Atari game ‘Test Drive Unlimited 2’, released for various platforms early 2011.

“The six-track EP also includes the song ‘Kick Me Out’ that, for some unknown reason, was not included on the final version of ‘Something’s Dripping’. We feel this song is a fantastic representation of a band that for the last two years has gained an ever-growing audience around Europe by extensive touring. ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’, ‘I Can’t Explain’ and ‘Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll)’ sees BONAFIDE paying homage to some rock giants. THE WHO’s ‘I Can’t Explain’ is another live favorite, often played as an encore. HUMBLE PIE’s ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’ lets singer and frontman Pontus Snibb show off his golden vocal cords, and ‘Nice Boys’, which was recorded in one take, is two minutes of pure adrenalin. Also included are two videos: ‘Hard Livin’ Man’ and the brand new ‘No Doubt About It’.”

Check out audio samples at www.bonafiderocks.com.


DARK WINGS SYNDROME – Band shoots video for DEPECHE MODE cover “It’s No Good” – 2011-01-27

Portuguese prog-rock/metal band DARK WINGS SYNDROME recently shot a video clip for a cover of the DEPECHE MODE hit ‘It’s No Good ‘, featured on the band’s debut album. All the action was shot at the band’s rehearsal room in Riba D’ Ave, Portugal earlier this month.

According to frontman Barros Onyx:

“This video follows the whole concept of the Arcane album and the visual experience of it will be very psychedelic, hallucinating and spiritual.”

As previously reported, DARK WINGS SYNDROME will play a very special gig on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Side B Bar in Benavente, Portugal where AVA INFERI (whose line-up includes Norwegian guitarist Rune Eriksen a.k.a. Blasphemer, ex-MAYHEM guitarist/songwriter), will hold a CD-release party for its fourth album, Onyx.

The band still promoting their debut album Arcane, which featured several guest appearances and was released this year via Ethereal Sound Works, an independent Portuguese Label, and at this time the band wants to release the album internationally and still looking for label for that.

DARK WINGS SYNDROME’s debut album, Arcane, was mixed and mastered by David Castillo (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH, KLIMT 1918, DRACONIAN) at Ghostward Studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

After “Spiritual Emotions”, “It’s No Good” it’s the second video done for the promotion of the ‘Arcane’ album and will debut very soon.

More info at http://www.myspace.com/darkwingssyndrome


VINTERSORG – New album art, track list and release date – 2011-01-26

VINTERSORG will release its eighth album “Jordpuls” (“Earth’s Pulse”), on March 25 via Napalm Records.
According to a press release:

“The unrelenting visionary allows this particular album to glimpse back at the past. The result is an imposing symbiosis of traditional and modern elements taken from the Swedes’ characteristic sound cosmos. Folk metal anthems meet icy black metal passages and Nordic melodies. The mix delivers multifaceted and memorable songs that carry the mastermind’s unique signature.

“The album is completely sung in Swedish and its lyrics borrow fromVINTERSORG‘s past themes: Revolving around man and nature, unique phenomena in the wild, and philosophical observations. Vintersorg‘s unmistakable and powerful vocals — from clean to extreme — reign over each track with resounding force, while his production prowess gives the songs a crystal-clear and potent sound. ‘Jordpuls’ impressively combines tradition with modernism, while showcasing the best of the Swedish visionary.”

“Jordpuls” track listing:

01. Världsalltets Fanfar
02. Klippor Och Skär
03. Till Dånet Av Forsar Och Fall
04. Mörk Nebulosa
05. Stjärndyrkan
06. Skogen Sover
07. Vindögat
08. Palissader
09. Eld Och Lågor


HEAVENWOOD – ‘Goddess Presiding Over Solitude’ New Song Streaming Online; New session drummer announced – 2011-01-26

After “Morning Glory Clouds (In Manus Tuas Domine)”, “Goddess Presiding Over Solitude”, is the new song from Portuguese Metallers HEAVENWOOD, which is available for streaming on the band’s Myspace Page Player. The track comes off the group’s fourth album, “Abyss Masterpiece”, which will be released worldwide via Listenable Records on March the 14th, 2011. “Abyss Masterpiece” is now available for pre-order (for the special price of € 10,00) at this location.

Concerning ‘Goddess Presiding Over Solitude’, HEAVENWOOD’s lead guitarist and melodic singer Ricardo Dias said:

‘Goddess Presiding Over Solitude’ contains more heavier and pompous sounding stuff than ever done before by HEAVENWOOD. This song grabs the listener by the throat with some of the most intense riffs of the album and is built in emotional intensity as the lyric concept is inspired on a poem adapted to English from our very first Portuguese female poet D. Leonor also known as Marquesa de Alorna.”

Meanwhile, HEAVENWOOD have announced the addition of drummer Marcelo Aires (OBLIQUE RAIN) to the group’s ranks as new session drummer which is considered by the band ‘ as a very technical and competent young musician’.

The band line up in 2011 is:

Ernesto Guerra – Vocals
Ricardo Dias – Guitars and vocals
Bruno Silva – Guitars
Paulo Chanoca – Bass
Marcelo Aires – Drums

More info at www.myspace.com/heavenwood or www.listenable.net.

Watch Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner talking about mixing the new Heavenwood album “Abyss Masterpiece” at Kohlekeller Studios:


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