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MESHUGGAH – Guitarist FREDRIK THORDENDAL Talks About Next Album – 2011-07-25

Guitar World magazine conducted an interview using fan-submitted questions with MESHUGGAH’s guitarist, Fredrik Thordendal, on July 23rd. Check out some excerpts below where Fredrik answers questions about his gear and the bands new work:

Question asked by —Ronnie “Good” Thyme:

I heard Meshuggah have been jamming on new ideas and might be releasing an album in 2011. Is there any truth to that? Do you have a title or any new gear you’re using?


“Yes, we are working on a new album and have been for a long time. I’m so excited about this one. We’ve always tried to change how we write songs to keep it exciting, but on recent albums we’ve also been moving further away from working together as a band. On this album, though, everyone is working together. Every day that we’re in the studio, we’ll play whatever song we’re working on, record a demo version of it to analyze at home, and then come back the next day, talk about it and try to make it better. I think because of this, it’s going to be our best album yet.

We don’t have a title yet, but when it comes to new gear, this one is going to be special, to say the least. I’m working with DAR Amplification to make this ridiculously powerful guitar amp. It’s got 100 watts of true Class A power. The tubes are from Russian MiG 25 fighter planes; they’re designed to survive a nuclear blast and keep the plane flying. It will be the world’s most advanced modern tube amp. But most importantly, it’s designed from beginning to end for the ultimate metal tone, and it sounds awesome. Can’t wait for you to experience it!”

Question asked by — Bob Thompson

What is your current guitar and amp setup, and how do you EQ it to get that “Meshuggah” tone?


I’m guessing we are talking about the rhythm sound here. For a few years now, I’ve been using Fractal Audio’s Axe-Fx Ultra. There are 70 amps included, and I use more than one. But the ones I like the most now are Recto New, which is based on the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier amps; Das Metall, which is based on the Diezel VH4; and USA IIC+ 2, which is based on the Mesa/Boogie Mark II. I also still use Line 6’s Vetta II in the rehearsal studio. As far as EQ, it’s impossible to say what I do, because it’s different on every amp. But in general, I use a lot of drive and bass, a little mid, and some treble and presence.

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