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RAMMSTEIN – Live Shots From Homecoming Berlin Gig

On it’s new issue, Metal Hammer Magazine  spoke to RAMMSTEIN about their controversial history and the reason behind their desire to put on the greatest live show on earth, as well as check out their unbelievable, fire-drenched recent homecoming show in Berlin. On this conversation with the band frontman Till Lindemann said: “We reveal emotions. You won’t find necrophilia and child molesters in mainstream songs. We sing about it, and a lot of people are consternated but attracted at the same time”Richard Z. Kruspe added: “You have to understand that 99 per cent of the people don’t understand the lyrics, so you have to come up with something to keep the drama in the show. We have to do something. We like to have a show, and we like to play with fire.”

Check out some shots from the band’s epic Berlin show below. Photos by Kevin Nixon.


VAN HALEN – Release Dates For New Album And Single; New Extended Video

VAN HALEN fan site Van Halen News Desk, says that Interscope/Universal will release the as-yet-untitled new Van Halen album on February 7th in North America. Interscope/Universal Japan will release the album one day later as a regular version plus limited deluxe with a bonus DVD will be available. The first single and video from the album will be released on January 10th.

The group filmed a video for a brand-new song at the Roxy, and the promo clip for the tour uses footage from that shoot. Check out below for the new long version trailer of the release.

After a year of rumors surrounding the release of singles and TV appearances, Van Halen have made an official announcement: The band will be hitting the road in 2012, with tickets for their first dates going on sale 10 January.


SUICIDE SILENCE – The Band Buys Toys For Less Fortunate Kids; Video Available

After auctioning singer Mitch Lucker’s “You Only Live Once” video clip shirt, SUICIDE SILENCE spent all of the money buying toys for less fortunate kids. Mitch said “We assumed [the shirt] was gonna go for like 20 or 30 bucks, but it ended up going for $800.” Check out the video footage below.


PRIMAL FEAR – Audio Samples Of ‘Unbreakable’ Available

“Unbreakable” is the new album from PRIMAL FEAR, and audio samples from all of it’s songs are now streaming at Amazon.de. Release is scheduled for January 24, 2012 in the U.S. via Frontiers Records. The album cover was helmed by Brazilian designer Jobert Mello (Slegehammer Graphix), and you can see it below.

According to a press release:

“The CD combines the skills of the strongest PRIMAL FEAR lineup ever with a well-balanced ‘back-to-the-roots” vibe and an ambitious learning process during their longest tour so far. Classic and ultra-fresh PRIMAL FEAR riff-rockers like ‘Strike’‘Give ‘Em Hell’ or the high-speed track ‘And There Was Silence’ will hit the bulls-eye, like the rhythm paced metal anthem, first single and new video clip ‘Bad Guys Wear Black’. Less experiments, more rock! But there will be a nine-minute epic journey with a lot prog approach named ‘Where Angels Die’, a classic wonderful ballad ‘Born Again’ and the melodic power bomb ‘Metal Nation’.”

Commented Ralf Scheepers:

“The plan was to record an album for the fans with rough metal riffs, screaming vocals and good melodies …and finally it became a monster — a tough ‘bang-your-head’ metal album called‘Unbreakable’.”

The “Unbreakable” tracks list:

01. Unbreakable (Part 1)
02. Strike
03. Give ‘Em Hell
04. Bad Guys Wear Black
05. And There Was Silence
06. Metal Nation
07. Where Angels Die
08. Unbreakable (Part 2)
09. Marching Again
10. Born Again
11. Blaze Of Glory
12. Conviction
13. Night Of The Jumps (Bonus Track)*
14. Bad Guys Wear Black (Video)*

* Only available in the first pressing in digipak


TERRORIZER – “Hordes Of Zombies” New Album Details

L.A. grindcore act Terrorizer has revealed the cover artwork for the band’s new album “Hordes of Zombies”. The album is set for release on February 24th and on 28th in North America via Season Of Mist. .

The “Hordes of Zombies” tracks list:

01. Intro
02. Hordes Of Zombies
03. Ignorance And Apathy
04. Subterfuge
05. Evolving Era
06. Radiation Syndrome
07. Flesh To Dust
08. Generation Chaos
09. Broken Mirrors
10. Prospect Of Oblivion
11. Malevolent Ghosts
12. Forward To Annihilation
13. State Of Mind
14. A Dying Breed

Bonus track “Wretched” will appear on the vinyl and digital versions of the album, while the limited-edition digipak will also contain a demo version of the title cut.


Wolf (a.k.a. Anthony Rezhawk) – Vocals
Katina Culture – Guitar
David Vincent – Bass
Commando (a.k.a. Pete Sandoval) – Drums


LACUNA COIL Streaming ‘Kill The Light’

LACUNA COIL ‘s new song ‘Kill The Light’, is streaming at the bands official Facebook page located here. The new video ‘Trip The Darkness’ is the first single from the band’s forthcoming Dark Adrenaline album.

Check below for the video directed by the Sitcom Soldiers (FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, THE BLACKOUT).


PAGAN – Free EP Download, Compilation Release Date And New Album Update

While PAGAN is working on a next studio album, “Heathen”, with it’s new vocalist Jennifer Renee Price, the band is releasing a limited edition compilation CD entitled  “The Sinner By Your Side“, due on January 31st , and launching the song “Yule Nocturnes” as a free download. The new EP features three new dark ambient tracks offered as DRM free WAV files here.

“It is important to us to give something back to the people who support our music, and that is where the Halloween soundscape and Winter EP come in”, explains founding member Michael Bilinski. “If all goes according to plan there will be another free download before the album comes out.” 

While these downloads represent the bands ambient interests, their next album will be decidedly heavier.

“The songs on the album are some of the hardest we have. It is still too early to know which tracks are going to make the final cut, but I would say at this point that most of them could fit nicely in a playlist alongside WHITE ZOMBIE or MINISTRY.” 


DYING FETUS – In Studio Working On New Album

DYING FETUS, has announced, via John Gallagher the band’s singer and vocalist, that they’ve entered the Wrightway Studios with producer Steve Wright (SLIPKNOT,MISERY INDEX) to begin recording their new album for a mid-2012 release via Relapse Records. The album will feature nine tracks and is a “return to roots” as the press release says, and “thematically, the album is set to be a good old-fashioned piece of social and political commentary in the style of DYING FETUS as we have come to know.”

“The last album had some groove in it,” stated John, “but [it] was basically a lot of tech; this one is a return to form of older Dying Fetus albums, so to speak- more modern production though, of course.”

“Everything’s tight,” John adds; “…the sound is crushing, the drums are amazing”.



Aussie technical death metal outfit, Psycroptic, has revealed the cover art for the band’s fifth studio album, The Inherited Repression, which will hit stores on February 7th in North America and February 10th in Europe on Nuclear Blast Records.

Commented Psycroptic guitarist, Joe Haley:

The Inherited Repression is far and away my favorite Psycroptic album thus far – all of us in the band think this. It’s the age-old cliché from bands when they talk about their current album as being the best of their career, blah, blah, but I have to say it because it’s true. We wouldn’t think there is a point of going on if we couldn’t outdo each album prior. We are certainly not playing music for anything else than the love of creating it and performing it.

The Inherited Repression is quite different from anything we have done in terms of song writing and structure, and we spent a lot longer writing and demoing the songs before we recorded it, which you can tell. It’s a very dynamic album – the fast elements faster, the slow elements slower, and a lot of light and dark binding it together. It’s a very catchy album as well – you can tap your foot, bang your head or anything else you want. Basically it has a lot of groove on it from start to finish.”

The track-list for The Inherited Repression is…
1. Carriers of the Plague
2. Forward to Submission
3. Euphorinasia
4. The Throne of Kings
5. Unmasking the Traitors
6. Become the Cult
7. From Scribe to Ashes
8. Deprivation
9. The Sleepers Have Awoken

The Inherited Repression was produced, engineered and mixed by Haley, while Alan Douches will handle mastering duties.

“We had the luxury of recording in my home studio without deadlines, so we spent a long time on getting it how we wanted. We can’t wait for people to hear it, and get out and play the songs live!”


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