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Phantom Self“, the new video from Brazilian/American metallers SEPULTURA, can be seen above. The Mauricio Eça-directed clip delivers haunting images and sociocultural criticism.

Phantom Self” is taken from SEPULTURA‘s new studio album, “Machine Messiah“, which will be released on January 13 via Nuclear Blast.

Inspired by the robotization of our society, the disc was produced by the band and Jens Bogren (SOILWORK, OPETH, KATATONIA, AMON AMARTH) of Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden.

The CD’s stunning cover artwork was created by Filipino artist Camille Della Rosa.

Machine Messiah” track listing:

01. Machine Messiah
02. I Am The Enemy
03. Phantom Self
04. Alethea
05. Iceberg Dances
06. Sworn Oath
07. Resistant Parasites
08. Silent Violence
09. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God


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CULT OF LUNA Announce Live DVD

The Swedish post-metal legends Cult Of Luna announced a very special recording titled Years In A Day.

The release will contain a 2 hours DVD recorded this year in Paris at La Gaîté Lyrique, 2 live CDs from Roadburn Festival 2013 and 2016 and a high-resolution audio from the Paris show.

Everything will be combined in a collector 10″ vinyl digipack and strictly limited to 7000 copies.

The band comments:

“A few years ago we took the decision to keep touring to a minimum. The sole reason was to prevent us from burning out, to keep the flame and the passion burning. But the experiences on the road that we’ve shared for almost 20 years has been life changing for all of us. It has bounded us together like brothers and we have been given the privilege to interact with incredible people all around the globe. So we thought it was time to release a special object related to the live aspect of Cult Of Luna and how we have progressed since the release of Fire Was Born eight years ago.”

“Releasing DVDs and live documents is always a tough thing at all aspects but that was the right time to do it for the people that are not able to see this band live often and everywhere, and so to end an era. So here is how.”

Pre-orders will start on band’s website on January 20th, and the album will drop on April 21st 2017.


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After completing a comprehensive European tour with Century Media Records labelmates ENTOMBED A.D., Canadian progressive sci-fi metal innovators VOIVOD are wrapping up a busy year of promoting their “Post Society” EP, and are now launching a promotional video clip for its title track.

The clip, which was shot by Dirk Behlau of the Beastwood Film Production (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, DARK TRANQUILLITY, ARCH ENEMY) during VOIVOD‘s appearance at the Leafmeal festival in Germany, can be seen above.

While continuing work on VOIVOD‘s upcoming studio album, drummer Michel “Away” Langevin checked in with a comment about the “Post Society” video and looked back on the band’s very successful 2016.


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IMMORTAL New Album In January

In the last few months, black metallers Immortal have given some updates on where they stand and their new ninth album.

In a new update, the sons of northern darkness now revealed that they will begin recording the new opus in January 2017 at Abyss Studio.

You can expect a new album next year and guitarist Demonaz will be handling the vocals.

Latest update:

“The songs have been ready for some time, but we wanted to record it at the right place and time. We will once again work with Peter Tägtgren at Abyss Studio who produced our four last albums. The band will enter the studio during wintertime to have the right atmosphere. We look forward to record and present the new album to the Immortal hordes sometime in 2017.

“The tracks that will appear on the album are: ‘Northern Chaos Gods‘, ‘Into Battle Ride‘, ‘Gates To Blashyrkh‘, ‘Blacker Of Worlds‘, ‘Where Mountains Rise‘, ‘Grim And Dark‘, ‘Called To Ice‘, and ‘Ravendark‘. Blashyrkh, December 2016. Demonaz and Horgh.”


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Greek power metal masters Firewind are releasing their 8th studio album, Immortals, on January 20th, 2017 via the band’s longtime label partner Century Media Records in Europe and AFM Records in North America.

The group has already released one song from the new record, and now a bombastic video clip, which was produced by the iCODE Team (Kamelot, Devin Townsend, Moonsorrow), as well as a digital single for the album track “Ode To Leonidas” have been launched.

Gus G. checked in with the following comment about the track and its video:

“As many of you have found out by now, our new album Immortals is a concept and focusing on the battles of Thermopylae and Salamis. The song ‘Ode To Leonidas‘ is obviously about the legendary warrior King of Sparta and his heroic battle with his 300 brave men against the massive Persian army invaders. For the production of the clip we traveled to Belgrade, Serbia and filmed with iCode team (same team that directed my solo video ‘The Quest‘ and so many other great bands) and we’re really amazed by the end result. It’s truly epic! We hope you will enjoy too. Heavy Metal fans – unite!”


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SOEN, the progressive heavy rock group featuring world-renowned drummer Martin Lopez (formerly of AMON AMARTH and OPETH) and the dynamic voice of Joel Ekelöf (WILLOWTREE), will release its new full-length opus, “Lykaia“, on February 3, 2017 via UDR Music.

After several weeks of anticipation since the original announcement of the disc’s release, the band has made available the first single from the album, titled “Sectarian“.

A charging, insightful metal anthem, “Sectarian” grooves amid classic progressive rock and turn-of-the-century alt-metal influences, all the while experimenting with further inspiration to create a solid track that is simply damn good.

Lykaia” is a journey into earthier places — SOEN‘s most cohesive, powerful and congruent creative quest yet.

For those who have followed SOEN‘s career thus far, the new album’s concepts of journey and exploration are not new.

2012’s “Cognitive” beat a firmly heavy, progressive metal path. 2014’s “Tellurian” — with its PINK FLOYD explorative spirit and OPETH-like forceful power — saw SOEN start to stride freely into their own control and unique visions.

The new album sees SOEN remain fascinated with the shadows and the darker edges of our world, with a particular focus on the various thoughts and concepts behind religion and ritualistic, belief-based behaviour in society.

Lykaia” pre-orders are now available in three formats — digitally, audio CD in digisleeve, and gatefold vinyl. Order now and receive “Sectarian” as an instant grat.

Recorded at Ghost Ward, StudioGröndal and Deep Well in Stockholm, Sweden, with production duties handled by guitarist Marcus Jidell and the mix made by Stefan Boman, SOEN kept things as far away from the digital age as possible on “Lykaia“, embracing warmth and organic recordings as the drive behind the technical working process.

If the first two albums were harder, more technical, angular and perhaps cerebral pieces which demanded sharp focus, “Lykaia” presents a warmer, rounder, flesh and blood on the bones approach that allows listeners a dual entry to the eight tracks presented.

The journey is no less dynamic, continuing the underscore of complex melodies with crushing power and no fear of walking proudly into more ambient spaces to explore the temperature. With “Lykaia“, however, it is clear that SOEN have never felt more congruent or sure of themselves.


Lykaia” track listing:

01. Sectarian
02. Orison
03. Lucidity
04. Opal
05. Jinn
06. Sister
07. Stray
08. Paragon

SOEN is:

Joel Ekelöf – Vocals
Martin Lopez – Drums, Percussion
Stefan Stenberg – Bass
Lars Åhlund – Organ, Rhodes
Marcus Jidell – Guitar

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ETHS’s Two Last Shows With CANDICE CLOT

Sad news for the fans of ETHS. The French metallers are biding adieu and have announced the end of their career after 17 years.

The band announced that they will perform their last two shows in the original line-up, which means a return of original frontwoman Candice Clot, who had resigned for personal reasons in 2012.

The album Ankaa released this year will be their last.


ETHS commented:

“These last few years, a number of ordeals slowly pushed us towards different musical yearnings while dulling the fun that we have had playing as a band. ETHS has always been about honesty and fun, but we have to face the fact that our hearts are not in there anymore. Therefore we made the joined decision to call it quits – in order to fully focus on our separate musical endeavors and to find our joy in music again. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to extend our deepest thanks to all the fans, old and new, who supported the band through thick and thin. Thank you also to all musicians, road crews, bookers, radio DJs, directors, graphic designers, photographers, producers, journalists, and all other professionals of the music business, who helped us out in one way or another along the way. We have experienced unforgettable moments thanks to all of you and we will cherish those times forever.”


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‘This Is The Most Excited We’ve Been About Music In A Really Long Time’

A Music Blog, Yea? recently conducted an interview with the four members of PAPA ROACH.

Speaking about the progress of the recording sessions for PAPA ROACH‘s upcoming album, which is tentatively due in early 2017, bassist Tobin Esperance said:

“We are ninety percent done with it, but the last ten percent is very important, and we’re excited to finish that, wrap it up. We’re super excited.”

He continued:

“Honestly, this is the most excited we’ve been about music in a really long time. It’s got so much energy and the message… It’s an adventurous record, but it’s got this… People who are fans of our first record, they’re really gonna love this record. We did it different this time too — we worked with some new people that nobody knows, but they’re gonna know after this record comes out. It was a different vibe. It was a really, really positive experience.”

PAPA ROACH recorded the follow-up to 2015’s “F.E.A.R.” with Nicholas “Ras” Furlong and Colin “Doc” Brittain at Steakhouse studio in North Hollywood, California, which gave the band a whole different feel.

Singer Jacoby Shaddix said:

“Well, North Hollywood’s just a gnarly little, grimey little town; it’s part of Los Angeles the Valley. And we worked out of this studio called the Steakhouse, and it’s right in the middle of the funk. You know, there’s the ghetto helicopter flying around every night, police chases in the neighborhood, guns popping off. But it’s a cool, vibey artist area as well, and so I think that that dynamic really kind of just put us in a different mindframe. Where we’ve been in a mansion on the top of the highest hill in Los Angeles looking out over the whole city, recording a record at the Paramour, this is the total opposite of that. I think it was important to do that.”

Shaddix talked about the lyrical themes covered on the new PAPA ROACH disc, saying:

“This one’s just about being in the thick of it. When the bullets are all flying around your head and you’re in the foxhole, doing the foxhole prayer, like, ‘Can I make it out this time?’ That’s where this record comes from.”

Jacoby also confirmed that PAPA ROACH‘s upcoming disc will signify a stronger return to the rap-style vocals of the band’s earlier works. He explained:

“I think the edge to this record, lyrically and just sonically for me, just helps identify us as to be originators in a style that’s just vicious and it gets people’s attention. We know whenever we drop a hip-hop beat at our shows, rocker kids love it. Rock kids try to act like they don’t like the hip-hop beat. Yeah, right.”

On November 1, PAPA ROACH released a new song called “Crooked Teeth” as a taste of what’s to come from the upcoming album.


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Metal Storm previously reported that Finnish heavy metal act Battle Beast have returned and are set to release their fourth studio record titled Bringer Of Pain on February 17th, 2017 through Nuclear Blast Records.

The first single is now available.

Watch the video for “King For A Day” below.

You can now pre order the album.

01. Straight To The Heart
02. Bringer Of Pain
03. King For A Day
04. Beyond The Burning Skies
05. Familiar Hell
06. Lost In Wars
07. Bastard Son Of Odin
08. We Will Fight
09. Dancing With The Beast
10. Far From Heaven


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