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[ALBUM RELEASES] With “Force Of Luna“ VISIONATICA are making the wolves dance under the blood moon!

Led by their singing she-wolf Amara Avodem, VISIONATICA are heading off to the first league of Symphonic Metal. With her fantastic und crystal clear soprano vocals, combined with the powerful grooves, melodic guitars, as well as impressive orchestral elements of her allies, this musical pack blows up a lot of dust in the scene with its debut “Force Of Luna“. With their first music video to the song “She Wolf“ from October 2015, which can score with a thrilling plot, the four musicians from the south of Germany set a huge cinematically exclamation mark, which is anything but common for a band this young. The album’s nine diverse songs were recorded and produced by Timon Seidl in the Red Audio Studios. For mixing and mastering they could enchant no less a figure than Gate Studio’s Olaf Reitmeier, who already worked with metal giants like Avantasia, Rhapsody or Epica. VISIONATICA are implementing their musical vision purposefully and leave nothing to chance. Therefore not only fans of bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish or Xandria should note the 20th of May in their calendars, when the album is released through Dr. Music Records!

In fall 2013, singer Amara Avodem and guitarist Manuel Buhl got together to implement their idea of a Symphonic Metal band. Together with bass player Michael Wolnitza und drummer Gerhard Spanner they started developing an elaborate concept and the songwriting for their debut. The result is an extremely melodic and at the same time powerful end energetic album, where skillfully composed orchestral sections go perfectly hand in hand with the virtuosic guitars, driving drums and the superb voice of the classically trained vocalist. The incredibly atmospheric intro already shows in which direction the album is going and puts the listener in the right mood for the following, unique listening experience with a movie score like orchestral arrangement. Steve Crouse’s epic spoken part in the following “Swamp Of The World“ could as well be taken from one of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ movies. The incredibly impressive and well produced music video by Limlight Production (i.a. Equlibrium, Ensiferum, Kataklysm) for the song “She Wolf“ offers fast and melodic guitar riffs which tremendously match the front woman’s outstanding singing. The clip combines motion picture like scenes, where a werewolf goes out to hunt, with an intense live performance of the band. The chorus is extremely catchy and the epic guitar solo is a pleasure for fans of demanding guitar playing. A lot of the time, VISIONATICA thematically deal with the mythology about wolves and singer Amara also has chosen the wolf as her personal “Totem“, which is processed musically in the eponymous song. However, they don’t limit themselves to this topic, but rather deal in a groovy kind of way with the story of Lilith, Adams first women in paradise, which was concealed by the church, because she had equal rights to Adam. “Certainty Of Benevolence“ then again combines the balkan and the oriental cultures to an exciting melodic metal song which encourages to belly dance. In the ballad “The Thorns“ Amara thanks someone for saving her from valley of shadow and death and sings a duet with no less a figure than Winterstorm singer Michael Liewald. Goose bump atmosphere is guaranteed. The violins parts were, except for the song “She Wolf“, recorded by Fiddler’s Green musician Tobias Heindl.

With “Force Of Luna“ VISIONATICA created an album that tells stories about wolves, visions, lies, myths and much more. They underline the whole thing with unbelievably epic arrangements, formed from mighty orchestral parts, demanding guitar riffs as well as bass lines and precise drumming. Above all of this Amara’s wonderfully concise soprano singing is enthroned. This all together results in impressive Symphonic Metal music that casts a spell over everyone who listens to “Force Of Luna“ once. A must-buy, not only for fans of this genre!

Website: www.visionatica.de | www.facebook.com/visionatica


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