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Italian Gothic metallers, Cadaveria, have released their new single, “Shamanic Path”, which will be released on March 31st. Watch a lyric video below, and stream/download the single here.

Cadaveria previously released a music video for their single “Divination”. Stream / download the single here, and watch the clip below.

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After recently announcing the title of their upcoming magnum opus, Vampyric Masters Of Extreme Metal, Cradle Of Filth are busying in the shadows to reveal further insights on Existence Is Futile, an album that will break the light of day later this year. Yet their infernal hell-fires will already start discolouring the skies this spring, when the band finally play their highly anticipated live stream concert from a new undisclosed location, chosen primarily for the bigger, bolder, more batshit crazy production the band are bringing to their captive audience.

The concert will begin on May 12 at 5 PM, EDT/2 PM, PDT and will be the first live performance of Cradle Of Filth happening in 2021 A.D., the year of the plague. With this atmospheric online extravaganza, the band promise to deliver a show of malefic proportions to pave the way for the upcoming album.

Order your tickets for the live stream here.

Besides the digital ticket to the live stream, fans will also be able to purchase two different exclusive t-shirt bundles as well as an exclusive limited to 100 people VIP Meet & Greet experience with the whole band.

If you are unable to watch the show live, tickets will be available to watch or re-watch this massive show on the site until May 26.

Cradle Of Filth’s last album, Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay, was recorded at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk, UK, by the very honourable Scott Atkins, Esq., who has been the resident go-to producer for Cradle Of Filth for several albums.

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On March 29th, international all-stars melodic death metal band Act Of Denial unleashed their fourth single, “Slave”, featuring ex-Soilwork guitarist Pete Wichers. Stream and buy “Slave” here. The official video for the song will be released soon.

Act of Denial is an international melodic death metal group founded by lead guitarist and songwriter Voi Cox (Koziak, Victim) and guitarist Luger (Koziak, Benighted-Cro) in early 2020.

The band lineup is a metal who’s who and features vocalist Björn Strid (Soilwork), bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament), drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (Septicflesh) and keyboardist John Lönnmyr (The Night Flight Orchestra). The band also features other big names and special guests such as Bobby Koelble (Death), Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork), Matias “IA” Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) and Ron ‘’Bumblefoot’’ Thal (Guns N’ Roses, Sons of Apollo) who all contributed solos to the album.

The band’s debut album has been preceded by three recent singles: “Puzzle Heart”, “Controlled” and “Down That Line”. Negative was mixed at Studio Fredman by legendary producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy).


“Puzzle Heart”
“Down That Line”
“Reflection Wall”
“In The Depths Of Destruction”
“Lost Circle”
“Your Dark Desires”
“Clutching At Rails Of Light”

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TROOPS OF DOOM Streaming New Video Online!

The Troops Of Doom, the Brazilian band led by Jairo Guedz (Ex-Sepultura), published a new video clip for the song ‘ Whispering Dead Words ‘, belonging to their Ep ‘ The Rise of Heresy ‘.


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Arizona thrash metal long-runners, Flotsam And Jetsam, have launched a teaser video for their forthcoming new album.

A message states: “Do you wanna know what we have been up to lately? Tune in this Friday (April 2) at 3:33 PM to Sonic Perspectives and BraveWords for an hour of everything Flotzilla! We promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Flotsam And Jetsam recently announced Bill Bodily (Contrarian, ex-Inhumatus, ex-Toxik) as the band’s new bass player. Before joining Flotsam And Jetsam on a permanent basis, Bodily filled in for former bassist Michael Spencer during many shows of the band’s Tour Of Chaos in 2019.

Commented Bodily, “Joining Flotsam And Jetsam is an honor as well as a huge step up in my musical journey. I’ve been friends with the guys for many years, and I’m a lifelong Flotsam fan. I look forward to the many adventures ahead and getting more acquainted with the legendary Flotzilla fans!”

(Bill Bodily photo by Joel Barrios for Norrsken Photography and Design)

The band added, “First and foremost, we would like to thank Michael Spencer for his time in Flotsam And Jetsam. He joined us back in 2014, and we have accomplished so much together. We sincerely wish him the best in his future endeavours! A new chapter for Flotsam And Jetsam beckons; Bill Bodily embodies a new focus and hunger within Flotsam And Jetsam and we’re extremely excited to have him as part of the Flotzilla family. He’s not only a brilliant musician who has established himself in the thrash and death metal scene, but also a great human being, which made the decision to have him join the band a very natural one. Bill brings an amazing work ethic and a fervent desire to continue to learn, grow and develop his musical voice. He knows music talent alone isn’t enough, and that hard work, perseverance and a sense of humor goes a long way to sustaining a successful musical career. We welcome him with open arms!

“We’ve been working very hard on the follow‐up for The End Of Chaos, and we are happy to report that the final mixes are almost completed. The new material is very heavy, and we’ve taken the sound and approach that we’ve had for the last two studio albums and amped up the aggressiveness without toning down any other elements. Everyone has done a superb job in the studio – even more so considering the unprecedented circumstances we are living in at this time. We are very excited about the music, and we hope and believe the new album will live up to everyone’s expectations”

Flotsam And Jetsam’s last studio album, The End Of Chaos, was released in January 2019, and most certainly did not signal a “grand finale” like the title may have suggested.

“Like a prize-fighter that refuses to kneel down, the mighty Flotzilla roars, and treads onward with black eyes and a bloody nose. With our new corner and cut man, Continental Worldwide, as our touring agent, we will see you out on the road as soon as times allow. Be prepared for what’s coming your way in 2021!”

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Former Theatre of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine – now fronting Coldbound – has confirmed she will release the digital version of her Have Courage Dear Heart EP on April 16th. As previously reported, the physical version of the EP will be issued on May 7th. The limited edition coloured vinyl versions have been unveiled and are now available for pre-order here.

Liv Kristine: “In my new compilation EP, I bring together nine tracks, thereof four new compositions and five of my favourite live songs. The title track ‘Have Courage Dear Heart’ originally existed as a mandolin tune, which my composer Tommy had sent me ‘just for fun’ early summer 2019. After I had recorded my vocals the song just started growing and shining. We really wanted to keep this underlying Morricone vibe and somehow the perfect sound just manifested like in an imaginary widescreen Western movie setting. The track ‘Skylight’, which was released as a strongly limited single in December 2019, got its own cathedral version. Moreover, we thought it was time to wipe off the dust from an old, brilliant demo ‘Serenity’, which expresses this cool ‘kick-ass-Saturday-morning’ drive vibe. All compositions deal with deeply personal issues such as the beauty of nature, the universe and its laws, twin-soul connection, self-love, narcissism, healing and finding a voice.

The live tracks were chosen arbitrarily. It is the first time I am releasing live recordings. They were played at my eighth annual special show in Nagold (Germany) in 2019. ‘Siren’ (Theatre of Tragedy, Aégis, 1998) seems to be one of my audience’s long-time favourites, as well as ‘Panic’, unmasking the abuser, the traditional ‘Ave Maria’ (special request from my audience) and my new compositions ‘Skylight’ and ‘Gravity’.

Tommy, Andy and Eroc did a brilliant job in their studios, as well as my band, the audience and Chris behind the mixing desk at Alte Seminarturnhalle Nagold (Germany) on December 20th, 2019.

Thank you, Michael, Allegro Talent Media for encouraging me to release this EP ‘on our own.’ I know that my fans have become accustomed to waiting patiently between my albums. This is, after all, half-way to the album. I needed to devote myself to family life, finding my own voice, trust, freedom, seeing the whole, the balancing powers and the given abundance of the universe. I had to learn to open up my heart and release fears. I did, and I found unconditional love. The cover artwork conveys that frequency of having found my passionate authentic voice, that divine truth and source in my heart.”


“Have Courage Dear Heart”
“Skylight” (cathedral version)
“Panic” (Live in Nagold 2019)
“Siren” (Live in Nagold 2019)
“Skylight” (Live in Nagold 2019)
“Gravity” (Live in Nagold 2019)
“Ave Maria” (Live in Nagold 2019)

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Sabaton have released the video below, performing their new single “Livgardet”, live at the Dalecarlia Music Awards 2021, held earlier today.

For the 500th anniversary of one of the oldest military establishments in the world – the Swedish Royal Guard – metal giants Sabaton returns with an epic hymn to celebrate this commemoration while simultaneously satisfying the wish of thousands of fans to sing in Swedish again. This is the first new music released since Sabaton’s hit album The Great War entered the charts in several countries at #1 in 2019, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for what one of today’s biggest metal acts has up their sleeve for 2021.

Sabaton’s new single, “Livgardet”, is available on all digital platforms. Listen here, and watch the music video below.

Simultaneously, the band announced the new single “The Royal Guard” and starts the pre-order for the limited vinyl edition of the single that will see the light of day on April 9. This 12” comes with a beautifully etched B-side, noble gold foil prints and embossed artwork, and contains both the English version of the track – “The Royal Guard” as well as the Swedish version “Livgardet.”  For a strictly limited edition, the band has even visited the pressing plant and created a special vinyl that will contain real gunpowder.

Pre-order the vinyl here. Pre-save “The Royal Guard” on the digital platforms here.

“Since 2012 and Carolus Rex, we have been looking forward to writing more songs in Swedish, and we felt that we were not done with the history of our fatherland,” bassist and co-songwriter Pär Sundström reflects on the new track. “Over the past years, we have been discussing around topics until something obvious came up. One of the oldest military regiments in the world, the Swedish Royal Guard (Livgardet), was formed in the Sabaton home region in Sweden, Dalecarlia, in 1521 by the legendary Swedish king Gustav Vasa.

“For the past 500 years, they have evolved with the times and served under various kings and queens around the world and are still active today. We felt that such an anniversary would be worth a song, and we aimed at writing a respectful tribute, an anthem for this Swedish regiment and its legacy.

“The rich 500 years of history is, needless to say, extremely hard to fit into one song, and that is why we mainly focused on the parts and battles that happened during the age of the Swedish Empire. We aimed to write a respectful tribute, a powerful anthem, for this Swedish regiment and its remarkable legacy.”

So prepare to salute a 500-year-old legacy, and get ready for a year filled with countless surprises, new history lessons, and both musical and visual sensations from a band that continues to exceed itself.

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Amorphis guitarist Esa Holopainen’s Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen project will release it its self-titled debut album on May 28 via Nuclear Blast. A teaser for the upcoming “Storm” video can be seen below:

Since 1990, Esa Holopainen has been the lead guitarist of the progressively-minded heavy metal innovators Amorphis. Thanks to the metallic and melodic beauty of such classic albums as Tales From The Thousand Lakes, Elegy and Skyforger, Holopainen’s magnificent abilities to create enchanting atmospheres and innovative riffs have become widely known within the worldwide heavy metal circuit – and when the COVID pandemic forced Esa to cancel all plans for 2020, the renowned Finnish guitarist knew that the time had come to finally record a couple of songs he had kept in his drawer for several years.

“Over the last few years, I have been writing a lot of music, and some of the stuff hasn’t exactly sounded like Amorphis. When Nino [Laurenne, owner of Sonic Pump Studios] called me late March, I already had three decent-sounding Silver Lake songs in stock. These tracks, entitled ‘Sentiment’, ‘Ray of Light’ and ‘Promising Sun’, worked as the backbone for the full solo album.”

Although the making of the record had already started, some important decisions were still under discussion and Esa soon decided that he would need to invite some friends over to sing on his upcoming record. “At first, I really didn’t know if the album would turn out to be purely instrumental or would there be vocalists as well. However, one thing was certain, I wouldn’t be the singer of Silver Lake”, Holopainen laughs. “Many times, when people think about a guitarist’s solo album, they get the impression of technical stuff with a huge amounts of notes played extremely fast. Well, I‘m not a big fan of that kind of music. Whenever I write, I always want to pile up interesting songs, and not just shred for the sake of it.”

With diverse styles ranging from 80’s Dire Straits vibes to some heavy, melancholic and even poppy tracks, these 9 fresh creations obviously needed some strong vocal performances. Therefore Esa started to ask several friends and favorite singers of his that joined him from their home studios on these 9 new tracks to be featured on Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen.

With moody cover artwork created by Metastazis, the album that was recorded at Sonic Pump, produced and mixed by Nino Laurenne & Esa Holopainen, and mastered by Svante Forsbäck will be available on May 28. Pre-order here.


“Silver Lake” (instrumental)
“Sentiment” (feat. Jonas Renkse of Katatonia)
“Storm” (feat. Håkan Hemlin of Nordman)
“Ray Of Light” (feat. Einar Solberg of Leprous)
“Alkusointu” (feat. Vesa-Matti Loiri)
“In Her Solitude” (feat Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis)
“Promising Sun” (feat. Björn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork / The Night Flight Orchestra)
“Fading Moon” (feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen)
“Apprentice” (feat. Jonas Renkse of Katatonia)

(Photo – Juuso Soinio)

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CANNIBAL CORPSE Runs Riot On New Song “Murderous Rampage”!

Violence Unimagined is Cannibal Corpse‘s first new album with guitarist Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel). Rutan produced the past four Cannibal Corpse records and has been filling in for guitarist Pat O’Brien live, so it’s not a huge leap to see why they chose him. O’Brien is currently facing charges of burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault and aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.

Violence Unimagined is out April 16. Pre-order your copy here.

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