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David Ellefson Launches New Death-Thrash Band Dieth, Debuts First Single!

After his ouster from the legendary thrash outfit last year in the wake of a sexually scandalous video chat leak, Ellefson first remerged with The Lucid, which features members of Sponge and Fear Factory. Now, he’s teamed with death metal veterans guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (Entombed A.D., 2019-2021) and Michał Łysejko (Decapitated, 2014-2018) and it’s definitely the heaviest band Ellefson has been a part of yet.

Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has debuted another new band, Dieth. The international death-thrash power trio has just released a music video for the brutal new song “In the Hall of the Hanging Serpents,” offering the first glimpse at what is certainly more to come.

“It has been so much happening lately (in life), feeling the need to express ourselves accordingly. Create something new, have a fresh start,” comments Miranda. “Personally,” he continues, “it was a matter of life or death to come back playing music. To do something truly meaningful and finally cope with the anger and grief. Sometimes you have to die inside to be reborn. This is what Dieth represents, a new sonic driving force that leave the past behind.”

Ellefson adds, “The three of us have all been recognized in our respective bands and careers but at some point, we had to close the door on those exploits to let something new begin and now we have found it in Dieth. In fact, the name itself is about dying to one’s past so that something new can spring forth to create the next chapter of life. And, that is a connection the three of us hold in common.”

“For me, Dieth is awakening from a creative lethargy, with the full feeling that the time has come,” Łysejko says, “The lightness with which Dieth’s music flows from us, combining our inspirations and experiences into a whole, is proof of this. The fact that the band was formed in the tri-city I come from has a symbolic meaning for me.”

The song is equal parts thrash and death metal with nonstop hooks, both in the riffing department and through Miranda’s gravely growls. Take a listen below.


Source: Loudwire.com


Metallica to livestream their two 40th anniversary concerts for free!

Metallica have partnered with The Coda Collection and Amazon to livestream their two homecoming 40th anniversary concerts in San Francisco next week for free.

Just over two years on from their S&M2 concerts at the same venue, the heavy metal titans play the San Francisco Chase Center on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th December 2021.

Metallica will be delving deep into their distinguished back catalogue and they will perform completely different setlists each night.

Tickets were only available for Metallica’s official Fifth Member fanclub and, unsurprisingly, they completely sold out within minutes of going on sale.

The good news is that Metallica have now announced that all their fans around the globe will be able to watch the concerts live and for FREE as they happen.

MetallicaMetallica 40th anniversary concerts

“We’re looking forward to hitting the stage in San Francisco at Chase Center with so many of our friends visiting from around the globe those two nights next week,” Metallica said.

“While we wish each and every one of you could join us, we know you can’t all be in the house. So we’re incredibly excited to announce that our friends at Amazon will be streaming both shows live, as they happen, worldwide and for free!”

The concerts will be able to watch live from home or on mobile via Amazon Music, Amazon Music’s Twitch channel, and Prime Video (with or without Prime on-demand viewing Membership).

UK Metallica fans will need to set their alarms early for the live streams, however, as they start at 5am on Saturday 18th December and Sunday 19th December.

Following the live broadcasts, the shows will then be made available exclusively at The Coda Collection/Prime Video Channel for subsequent viewing in 2022.

More details can be found here.

Metallica play a series of summer 2022 shows at festivals across Europe, however, there are currently no UK shows in the itinerary.

Source: Planet Rock



Arch Enemy are closing out 2021 with a bang. In October, the Swedish melodeath veterans roared back with “Deceiver, Deceiver,” their first new song in four years. Today (December 9th), vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, guitarist Michael Amott and Co. unleashed another standalone single, “House of Mirrors.” Featuring an Eighties-metal gallop and timely lyrics about isolation and introspection, the song comes with a stylish music video directed by Grupa13. Stream the song above, and catch the video premiere below at noon ET.

“Musically, this is an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and finally it got finished,” Amott commented of “House of Mirrors.” “It all started with the guitar motif that kicks off the track, which naturally leads to the galloping Eighties-metal feel of the verses. As is always the case with us, we had quite a few different arrangements and demos of this song until it was, dare I say, fucking perfect!”

White-Gluz added, “‘House of Mirrors’ is a song that twists its way into the human psyche. I wrote the lyrics during a dark time of strict, dystopian lockdown, and I think people will be able to relate to that feeling of being totally alone — but never truly alone — when you are surrounded only by past and future versions of yourself as company.”

Source: RevolverMag


CROWBAR Streams Sludgy New Song “Chemical Godz,” Announces New Album!

Crowbar is back for the first time in six years with a new song and a new album! The band is now streaming their steamroller-heavy new single “Chemical Godz” alongside the announcement of Zero And Below, due out March 4. The single is as heavy as ever with tons of crushing riffs, Crowbar sounds phenomemal, and the tempo changes between the different sections of the song really do a great job driving the whole thing forward.

“We are all so excited to release the song and video for ‘Chemical Godz,'” said vocalist and guitarist Kirk Windstein. “It’s been nearly two years since the album was completed. It was such a sad time for so many people going through the Covid-19 epidemic and we felt it wasn’t a good time to release any new material. Get ready because the heavy is coming! We hope y’all enjoy the song and video. Stay safe out there!”

Zero And Below is available for pre-order here.

Source: MetalInjection


PLAYLIST – 1st & 2nd hour – 08.12.2021 – DLYSSN3 | WEDNESDAY- SOSMETALRADIOSHOW2309

1st hour

ROB ZOMBIE – Educated Horses – American Witch
SIX FEET UNDER – Unborn – Zombie Blood Curse
VADER – De Profundis – An Act of Darkness
Ex Deo – The Thirteen Years of Nero – Britannia 9th at Comuldonum
THE DAY OF THE BEAST – Indisputably Carnivorous – Enter the Witch House
SENSE OF NOISE – Sense Of Noise – Zero Killed
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – Doom Crew Inc. – You Made Me Want To Live
BATTLE BEAST – Circus Of Doom – Eye Of The Storm
AVATAR – Construction Of Souls – Construction Of Souls
RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Glory for Salvation – Son of Vengeance
HAVOK – Time IS Up – Prepare For Attack
KREATOR – Coma Of Souls – People Of The Lie
WARBRINGER – Worlds Torn Asunder – Living Weapon
ONSLAUGHT – VI – 66’fucking’6
METAL CHURCH – The Dark – Start the Fire

2nd hour

OBITUARY – Frozen In Time – Redneck Stomp
GREEN LUNG – Free the Witch – Lady Lucifer
OPETH – Heritage – The Devil’s Orchard
HELL IN THE CLUB – He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) – He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
GROUNDBREAKER – Soul to Soul – Soul to Soul
SERIOUS BLACK – Rock with Us Tonight – Rock with Us Tonight
DIGGER THINGS – Ruby Eyes – Ruby Eyes
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM – Knights Of The Realm – Heavy Metal
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM – Knights Of The Realm – Knights Of The Realm
TONY MARTIN – Thorns – As The World Burns
HYPOCRISY – Worship – Children Of The Gray
NARAKA – In Tenebris – Of Blood and Tears
WORDS OF FAREWELL – Born Of Sleep – Born Of Sleep
EXODUS – Persona Non Grata – The Years of Death and Dying



Los Angeles death metal titans, Abysmal Dawn, will be releasing a new EP, Nightmare Frontier, on February 4 via Season of Mist. In conjunction with the release, the band is now sharing their brand new single, “A Nightmare Slain”, along with a music video that was created by Guilherme Henriques. Find the video below.

Abysmal Dawn frontman/founding member Charles Elliott comments, “The music for this track was recorded for Phylogenesis, but we left it off the record. We thought it was a great song but we felt it didn’t quite fit into the flow of that album. The music shows a bit more of a slightly progressive and melodic side of the band, which we may explore more in the future. The lyrics were written during the pandemic and are inspired by the lore of the video game Bloodborne.

“Now, we have a lot of songs filled with social commentary and introspective lyrics. When it came time to write the words for this one, I don’t think I could bring myself to focus any more on the misery or subjugation that we live in our day to day lives. Who needs another song of ‘COVID’ drivel or divisive politics at this point? Hopefully we can all agree on what I discovered while I was trapped at home for over a year; ‘Bloodborne’ is one of the greatest video games ever made. Animal Crossing and Mario Party fans should definitely check it out, along with the rest of the ‘soulsborne’ genre for a stress free good time… We hope you enjoy our song inspired by one of the most metal games ever made. Enjoy and see you on tour!”

Pre-orders for Nightmare Frontier are now live here, as well as from their official Abysmal Dawn online store here. The single and EP can be pre-saved across all streaming services here.

Nightmare Frontier was mixed and mastered by Charles Elliott at Tastemaker Audio. Drums were engineered by John Haddad at Trench Studios, while tracking for all instruments was handled by Elliott. The artwork for Nightmare Frontier was created by Par Olofson.


“A Nightmare Slain”
“Blacken The Sky”
“Behind Space”

Source: Bravewords



Malta-based metal band, DiggerThings, have released their new single, “Ruby Eyes”, featuring former Iron Maiden singer, Blaze Bayley. A video for the song can be found below.

DiggerThings is a music collaboration between David Cassar Torreggiani (also guitarist and songwriter with Scar, ElderWater, and TodaMusica) and David Depasquale (also producer and guitarist with ClubMurder, and Abysmal Torment). This studio project has David CT as songwriter and guitars, and David D on drums and production, where guest singers collaborate to create varied mix of edgy rock and metal.

Guest singers so far have been… Mark Parlato Trigona, singer in a band with David CT in the 90’s called NightWing; Nigel “In Noogie” Buttigieg, Kersten Graham, and Gianni Zammit. There have also been guest bass players, such as Antoine Tonna, Robert Galea,and Philip Bagigu.

DiggerThings gained ground with their initial song releases, and hooked up with Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane 1984 / 1994, and then replacing Bruce Dickinson with the mighty Iron Maiden 1994 till 1999) who recorded his awesome vocals on “Three Days Of Judgement”. This track was well received and promoted on many world wide metal and heavy mock music platforms.

Since then, Blaze Bayley was inducted in the “Metal Hall Of Fame”, and is touring with his band. During which time, David CT wrote another track with Blaze in mind, also inspired by the loss of the studio mascot “Ruby”. She was a kind natured dog, and belonged to David D. She was always in the studio to pay us a visit during recordings. Her loss inspired the song “Ruby Eyes”, to which Blaze laid down his “blazing” vocals once again, with lyrics and lines penned by Nigel “In Noogie” Buttigieg, and bass duties taken good care of by Bazaz, with blistering drums… as always… by David D.

More collaborations are ahead, but this time it’s …..”Ruby Eyes”.

Source: Bravewords


DAVE MUSTAINE: MEGADETH’s New Album Has Been Mastered And Is ‘Super Close’ To Being Released!

MEGADETH‘s new album, “The Sick, The Dying And The Dead” has been mastered and is “super close” to being released.

MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine offered an update on the band’s follow-up to 2016’s “Dystopia” while filming a new video message on Cameo, which lets users hire celebrities to record brief, personalized video messages about virtually any topic.

Addressing a fan named Louie who is a budding bassist and saxophone player, Dave said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We’re super close to having ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead’ out. We’ve been mixing and mastering it, and the mastering was done yesterday. So now it’s off to the label, and pretty soon it’s gonna be in your very talented hands.”

In a recent interview with American Songwriter magazine, Mustaine said that “The Sick, The Dying And The Dead” would be released in the spring of 2022. The 60-year-old musician also said the LP’s title track is about the plague, but not solely centered around the current pandemic. A broader, more historical scope of the diseases that have plagued humankind throughout time, “The Sick The Dying And The Dead” covers the current virus, swine flu, and other epidemics from centuries past.

“The song itself was a historical journey of how the plague started and where it went, starting with rats on ships carrying the disease, coming ashore in Sicily,” Mustaine said.

According to Mustaine, the music for “The Sick, The Dying And The Dead” was assembled from riffs and music he has had archived for years, some as far back as his teens. “A lot of the riffs have been saved over time,” he said. “A brand new song can be made up of something I wrote when I was 15 or 55. If It’s a good riff, I’ll save it.”

Mustaine added that guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Dirk Verbeuren were both involved in piecing together the songs on the album, which was recorded mostly in Nashville, with Loureiro working on his parts from his home in Finland.

Mustaine has yet to reveal who played bass on the new MEGADETH album after David Ellefson‘s tracks were removed from the LP following his dismissal from the band in late May.

Ellefson laid down his bass tracks on MEGADETH‘s sixteenth LP in May 2020 at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

In July, Mustaine announced during an episode of his Gimme Radio program “The Dave Mustaine Show” that Ellefson‘s bass tracks would not be used on the new MEGADETH LP.

Ellefson was fired from MEGADETH after sexually tinged messages and explicit video footage involving the bassist were posted on Twitter. At the time, Ellefson was accused of grooming an underage girl through videos and online messages. David has denied the allegation and has repeatedly said the woman in question had been a willing, consenting adult at the time of their virtual sexual encounter. Ellefson accompanied his denial with an alleged screenshot of a statement from the woman with whom he was supposedly involved at the time. In it, the woman admitted to recording the alleged intimate communications she had with Ellefson and called herself “naïve” for sharing them with a friend without the musician’s permission.

MEGADETH recently completed “The Metal Tour Of The Year” with LAMB OF GODTRIVIUM and HATEBREED.

For “The Metal Tour Of The Year”MEGADETH was rejoined by bassist James LoMenzo for the first time in nearly 12 years.

LoMenzo joined MEGADETH in 2006 and appeared on two of the group’s studio albums, 2007’s “United Abominations” and 2009’s “Endgame”. He was fired from the band in 2010 and replaced with a returning Ellefson.

Ellefson was in MEGADETH from the band’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until his latest departure.

Source: Blabbermouth


Sepultura live with Sacred Reich and Crowbar – 18/11/21 – Porto – Portugal

Sepultura live with Sacred Reich and Crowbar
Thursday, November 18, 2021
All Ages
Hard Club | Porto (map)
Mercado Ferreira Borges
Porto, Portugal 4050-252
Other Info
Brazilian Metal Masters, SEPULTURA, will play live @ Hard Club, Oporto on the 18th November 2021. SACRED REICH and CROWBAR will be the support acts.


Portugal: Fnac, Worten, C.C. Mundicenter, SuperCor, UTicketline, Ask Me Lisboa, El Corte Inglês, A.B.E.P., Casino Lisboa, Centro Cultural de Belém, Forum Aveiro, Galeria Comercial Campo Pequeno, Shopping Cidade do Porto, Time Out Mercado da Ribeira e Unkind.pt.

Spain: Masqueticket.

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