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OBSCURA – DEATH Cover Streaming And New Demo Compilation Details

This March, OBSCURA will independently release a Demo Collection CD entitled Illegimitation (front cover above). This collection will include ten never-before-heard tracks, including the band’s earliest recordings from 2003, unreleased songs from the Cosmogenesis sessions of 2006, and brand new cover songs with the newest lineup from 2011.

Steffen Kummerer commented:

“This will be a independent release so we can give our fans the opportunity to participate in the project and offer special packages such as a livelong free entry to all Obscura shows, limited edition items, face to face lessons with our members, and tour used gear from the band!” 

Illegimitation tracklist:

01. …And All Will Come To An End
02. Crucified
03. Fear
04. Immanent Desaster
05. Incarnated
06. Open The Gates
07. Headworm
08. Flesh And The Power It Holds (DEATH) 
09. Piece Of Time (ATHEIST) 
10. How Could I (CYNIC) 

Listen at the Youtube link below to the cover of “Flesh And The Power It Holds” from DEATH.


NAPALM DEATH – New Song “Leper Colony” Streaming

You can use the player below  to listen to the new NAPALM DEATH song, “Leper Colony” (courtesy of BrooklynVegan). The song comes off the band’s 14th studio album “Utilitarian”, to be released on February 27 in Europe and February 28 in North America via Century Media Records.

Vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway explains the album title and concept:

“After some deliberation, we have decided on ‘Utilitarian’ as the album title. We generally try to avoid generic titles, and this seemed to have a lot of scope to it. I won’t explain the full meaning of utilitarianism here because it’s an ethical theory, and as ethical theories go, the depth and debate around it is quite heavy at times. It has a certain ‘morality’ aspect to it and that isn’t something that drives me, so I also certainly have issues with it.”

“So, rather than just nail that straight to the mast, of course we wanted to put our own spin on it by suggesting that those (i.e. the utilitarian in us, perhaps) who try to challenge everything, or fight against conventions, well, we go through periods of real self-doubt where we wonder if we’re really making a difference. I suppose the conclusion is that, for the sake of all our freedoms, you should never stop, as even the feeling of resistance is at least a signal to those who would like to entirely control and dominate us — meaning everything from our instinctive behavior to our human entitlement to walk the earth unprovoked. 

“Regarding the album overall, the final creases should be ironed out fairly soon, and immediately after that, we thought it would be good to top it off with a few U.K. dates. We’ve been playing one new song (‘Quarantined’; see performance footage below) out on a tour of Canada and it’s been well received, so we hope to perhaps throw in another one for now. Either way, we’ll be bouncing off the walls again near you very soon.”


KORN – ‘The Path Of Totality’ Available For Streaming

KORN‘s brand new album, “The Path Of Totality”,  is due on December 6 via ROADRUNNER RECORDS and it’s available for streaming in its entirety below.

“The Path Of Totality” is an experimental album which finds KORN shifting gears and exploring new territory. That should hardly come as a shock to the band’s diehard fans, as KORN exploded onto the scene in the’90s and established themselves as hard rock game-changers from that point on.

“The Path Of Totality” tracks:

01. Chaos Lives In Everything
02. Kill Mercy Within
03. My Wall
04. Narcisstic Cannibal
05. Illuminati
06. Burn The Obedient
07. Sanctuary
08. Let’s Go
09. Get Up!
10. Way Too Far
11. Bleeding Out

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis explained:

“The title ‘The Path Of Totality’ refers to the fact that in order to see the sun in a full solar eclipse, you must be in the exact right place in the exact right time. That’s how this album came together. I think all the producers feel the same way. I’m not sure it could ever happen again” 


VOIVOD – “To The Death 1984” ’84 Demo Release And “Iron Gang” Streaming

VOIVOD will release their original demo tape from 1984, “To The Death 1984”. Release is due on November 22 as a CD or double LP via Alternative Tentacles. The lineup for this record includes Snake (Denis Bélanger) on vocals, Piggy (Denis D’Amour) on guitar, Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault) on bass and Away (Michel Langevin) on drums.

The tracks list:

01. Voivod 
02. Condemned To The Gallows 
03. Hell Driver 
04. Live For Violence 
05. War And Pain 
06. Incantation 
07. Buried Alive / Suck Your Bone 
08. Blower 
09. Slaughter In A Grave 
10. Nuclear War 
11. Black City 
12. Iron Gang 
13. Evil 
14. Bursting Out 
15. Warriors Of Ice 

“Iron Gang” audio stream via SoundCloud link below:


CYNIC – New Song Available For Download

Progressive metallers CYNIC”Carbon-Based Anatomy”, and made it available for download at this location. The track, which can also be listened via player below, is the title of the band’s new EP  due on November 11 in Europe and November 15 in North America via Season Of Mist. The artwork was designed once again by Robert Venosa, the same artist who worked the covers of “Focus”“Traced in Air” and “Re-Traced”.

The CYNIC”Carbon-Based Anatomy” EP tracks:

01. Amidst The Coals
02. Carbon-Based Anatomy
03. Bija!
04. Box Up My Bones
05. Elves Beam Out
06. Hieroglyph

Paul Masvidal about the EP:

“It’s both a philosophical as well as a musical journey, one that begins in the Amazon jungle on the lips of a shamanic wisewoman (as portrayed by Amy Correia) and ends in outerspace.”

All bass parts on “Carbon-Based Anatomy” were recorded by one-time CYNIC bassist Sean Malone.

“Carbon-Based Anatomy” audio stream:


INMORIA – New Album ‘A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1’ Details And Song Advance

Swedish project INMORIA featuring Christer Andersson (TAD MOROSE) on guitar, Danne Eriksson (ex-TAD MOROSE) on keyboards, Tommi Karppanen (MORGANA LEFAYTAD MOROSE), and Peter Moren (TAD MOROSESTEEL ATTACK) on drums, will release a brand new album entitled “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1”, on October 7 via Rock It Up Records. The CD was recorded at Studio Soundcreation in Bollnäs, Sweden.

Listen to the brand new advance song “My Last Farewell” at the SoundCloud player below:

For more  “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1” audio samples, check the Reverbnation widget below.


The “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1” tracks list:

01. Blinded
02. The Mirror
03. Watch Me Bleed
04. End Of The Line
05. Hear My Prayers
06. In My Dreams
07. The Silence Within Me
08. Save Me
09. I Watch My Shadow Fall
10. Just Another Lie
11. My Last Farewell
12. Why

For more information on the band:


OPETH: ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ Video Released

OPETH has launched a brand new video for the song “The Devil’s Orchard” and it can be seen below. The song comes off “Heritage”, released on September 20 via RoadRunner Records. The video was directed by the award-winning New York City-based photographer Phil Mucci. 

“Heritage” was produced by OPETH vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldtand was recorded earlier this year at Atlantis studios (formerlyMetronome studios) in Stockholm. Mixing duties were handled by Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE) and Åkerfeldt.

Opeth – “Heritage” 01. Heritage
  02. The Devil’s Orchard
03. I Feel The Dark
04. Slither 
05. Nepenthe
06. Haxprocess 
07. Famine 
08. The Lines In My Hand 
09. Folklore 
10. Marrow Of The Earth


HEADCAT – ‘Rockline’ Appearance Streaming

HEADCAT featuring Lemmy Kilmister (MOTÖRHEAD), Slim Jim Phantom (THE STRAY CATS) and Danny B. Harvey (ROCKATS, 13 CATS, LONESOME SPURS), was interviewed on  “Rockline” Radio Show with host Bob Coburn last Monday, August 29. You can now listen to the program at RocklineRadio.com.

The bands new album “Walk The Walk…Talk The Talk” was released on July 5 through Niji Entertainment Group, Wendy Dio’s record lable created by her and Ronnie.

“Walk The Walk…Talk The Talk” track listing:

01. American Beat
02. Say Mama
03. I Ain’t Never
04. Bad Boy
05. Shaking All Over
06. Let It Rock
07. Something Else
08. The Eagle Flies On Friday
09. Trying To Get To You
10. You Can’t Do That
11. It’ll Be Me
12. Crossroads


Wayne STATIC-X Static -Solo Single Available For Streaming

Wayne Static STATIC-X frontman will release with his first solo album entitled  October 4 via Dirthouse Records.

The “Pighammer” tracks list:

01. Pighammer
02. Around The Turn
03. Assassins Of Youth
04. Thunder Invader
05. Static Killer
06. She
07. Get It Together
08. Chrome Nation
09. Shifter
10. Slave
11. The Creatures Are Everywhere
12. Behind The Sky

The press release says:

“Pighammer” “has a disarming raw quality of heavy driving guitar riffs and lyrics that will take hold of your bowels and into the mind of Static’s dark past and warped mind. This is blatant, as the first single, ‘Assassins Of Youth’, was inspired by Wayne Static’s last days of drugs and partying. 

Wayne Stactic: 

“I wrote this song while living in a hotel room, listening to PINK FLOYD, drinking Crown and doing whippits. I started the song in that condition but never finished it until years later after dumping off the drugs. Now the song has a whole new meaning from when I started it.”

“The ‘Pighammer’ concept conjures up bizarre images. It’s about a mad plastic surgeon, with a pig fetish, that likes to convert hot chicks into pigs. It is the total opposite if what a plastic surgeon would do. He has this crazy hammer device made from a pig foot. The images of the surgery in the CD package are only a dark comedic visualization of the real theme of the album, which is my transformation.”

The new song “Assassins Of Youth”, can be listened via YouTube video below. The name is an old-school term for drugs and the  first verse is about doing drugs, the chorus is going dry and the second chorus is about getting off and no longer being slave to the drugs.


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