Hello there dear friends and listeners!

We are contacting you all to invite you to record a “RADIO ID TAG” for our live radio show! But if you are asking yourself, “What on Earth is a Radio ID TAG?!” … Well, here it goes….An ID TAG made for Radio purposes are those spoken short PROMOTIONAL advertisements/introductions any artist, band or individual makes in order to let others know about their existence… Check bellow for a quick text example:
You will record something like this (with no musical background, just your voice):
“Hello this is __(your name)___, from the ___(band/group name plus Country you’re from) ___, and you’re listening to S.O.S. Metal Radio Show live from Portugal with Mj. iMpErAtOrE”.
But of course, this is the main regular sentence containing the primary words to be used. You may bring in your own “colors” to this text and record it with your band mates and/or friends. Bring in some humor as well…
And then send your voice file to our contact e-mail. We’ll listen to it and then you’ll be able to hear it on our radio show! (Information at the end)
But remember, it is important that your recording have NO musical background. Aside that, you may let your imagination run wild!Not only bands but also music fans and general audience are invited to take part on this worldwide campaign. So what are you waiting for?
DO IT NOW, let us know you are out there… Let the world listen to you!
Our mail for you to send your  mp3 ID Tag is: info@sosmetalradio-show.com.
Special Attention to Unsigned Bands:
Since we are helping you with some free promotion, it is cool to have a couple of songs so we can play on the show right after to your ID TAG… Take this FREE chance to have your band on our radio show!

We hope to HEAR from all of you SOON!

LIVE every Friday to Saturday nights from 12 am up to 5am in the morning!
Please note, it is Portugal’s timezone(Lisbon hour).
Meanwhile please check the radios brand new NEWS BLOG >ROCK AND METAL NEWS EXPRESSwww.rockandmetalnewsexpress.co.pt. One more reason for you to send us your material! If you’re a young and new band, you sure need this opportunity to help you show off your work!Please send all BAND material and information to our HEAD OFFICE:
The Editor mail: news@rockandmetalnewsexpress.co.pt
We will be waiting! Thanks,
The S.O.S. Metal Radio Show Team

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