SOS Metal Show

The S.O.S. Heavy Metal Radio Show features a lot of hot news, listeners requests, new CD releases and web cam broadcast for when special guests stops by! All kinds of X-treme music in an authentic causing pure and non-stop radio phonic mental insanity for true believers!
We’ll be melting your brains reporting the most significant GIG’s from all around the globe, the coolest movies available, dark and occult poetry and whatever comes to the mind of your most insane and blasphemous metal host: Mj.iMpErAtOrE.

We’re about attitude and heavy music. We’ve always been.

From the day Mj.iMpErAtOrE broadcasted his first show to the masses back in 1985, in a claustrophobic studio at “Rádio Braga”, until nowadays and 24 years later, the always unique radiophonic style invented and adopted at the show was set to make it all turn into a parody. And that was something that deeply pleased all listeners. Mj.iMpErAtOrE injected a great deal of new spontaneity into the Portuguese Metal Radio Scene with a dirty, sleazier, sexier, and raw energy where his attitude made and still makes all the difference from the other shows.

The S.O.S. Metal Radio Show Dark Inspiration Comes From…

  • Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles;
  • All Stephen King books;
  • The almighty Edgar Allan Poe Novels and Poetry;
  • Florbela Espanca Poems;
  • William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell;
  • Dante’s Inferno;
  • St. John’s Apocalyse;
  • Nostradamus’s Centuries;
  • Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War

and of course, many others!

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